Democrats Gradually ‘Destroying’ Themselves From Within

As Biden’s disastrous presidency continues to drag out, Democrats are peddling a series of false narratives to make themselves feel better. However, one of the most laughable narratives is that Republicans are somehow “obstructionists” against progress in the United States.

Biden himself has pushed this narrative. He’s done it multiple times that he declared the Republican Party doesn’t stand for anything. Biden and his ilk view the GOP as the greatest threat. Nevertheless, these beliefs are rooted in falsehoods.

The reality is the Democrat Party is undoing itself from within. Leftists have become so radical that even moderate members of their party (like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin) have to pump the brakes.

One of the most excellent examples of left-wing self-sabotage is House Democrat Cori Bush, as pointed out by RedState.

Within the past year or so, many Democrats have come around to saying that “defund the police” isn’t exactly the best rallying cry for the party. Amid the massive rise in lawlessness across the United States, some leftists are trying to distance themselves from defunding law enforcement.

However, Rep. Cori Bush does not fall into this category. In fact, during recent conversations with the press, Bush doubled down on her misguided support for defunding law enforcement.

According to the House Democrat, her party’s inability to defund the police adequately is the real problem. Bush doesn’t believe calls to defund the police alienate or off-putting Americans by her admission.

Ironically, as Bush wants the nation to live in a society without police or law enforcement, she has no problem spending thousands of dollars on private security.

The hypocrisy of this couldn’t be more glaring. However, when the House Democrat was questioned about her private security, she stated such services were critical due to her status as a lawmaker.

If Democrats like Bush got their way, the United States would quickly become a dystopian regime full of chaos, anarchy, and totalitarianism.

More and more Americans are waking up to this reality. It’s why Biden’s approval ratings continue crashing in every new poll. The radical shift of the Democrat Party is also a critical factor in why Republicans are projected to win the midterm elections.

Every time Democrats like Cori Bush open their mouths, they demonstrate how woefully out of touch they are with America. Bush’s inability to see an issue with defunding the police amid countrywide increases in lawlessness is a prime example of why she and other Democrats need to be voted out of office.