Democrats Flip Republican Dominated Pennsylvania School Board In Upset

Democrats gained control over the Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania, looking to overturn conservative-based policies.

Last Tuesday night, Democrats completed a clean sweep of the five Central Bucks School Board races, changing the balance of power in a district that has gained national attention for huge wins on cultural issues.

Central Bucks School District is the third largest district in Pennsylvania with over 17,000 students.

Democratic candidate Heather Reynolds was in shock after learning that she beat out the current president and sole Republican incumbent in the race.

“I think that the community has had enough,” Reynolds said. They’ve seen what this former board majority has done and they said, ‘No more. We deserve better as a district, as a community. This isn’t who we are.'”

Republican board candidate Glenn Schloeffel reported that he believed that the board majority got “thrown under the bus” after the accusations of discrimination. He also pointed out that there was a lot of misinformation about the book ban.

He said the books the current board removed from libraries “were highly graphic and sexual in nature. Absolutely disgusting … There’s no place for that in our schools.”

Reynolds’ running mate, Dana Foley, defeated Schloeffel. She reported that being on the school board was not part of her plan, but it was something that she had to do. It wasn’t until she learned about the current state of the school board that she knew she had to take action.

Pennsylvania saw a number of Democratic victories in school boards, especially in districts that have recently seen GOP-led school boards.

Republicans not only lost in Pennsylvania. They also lost majority control of school boards in Iowa, and Virginia.

Conservatives will need to reevaluate and reorganize quickly, as it there are few more important issues than the potential indoctrination of children and the act of exposing them to graphic material at a young age. Most parents have been content to watch others fight the battle. If all hands don’t show up on deck, it’s clear that the short-lived turning of the tides for conservatives defending children will be a distant memory.