Democrats’ Exploitation of Uvalde Mass Shooting Sinks to New Low

Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” What he meant by that is that you can use the emotion of tragedy to move people to act on issues you care about. Former President Barack Obama and Texas Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke show how you can take that advice way too far. Obama decided to turn the school shooting into a springboard to talk about the anniversary of George Floyd.

The callousness of Obama discarding the slain children immediately so he can push forward his own preferred agenda is staggering. Much like the Clintons, there is no middle ground with Obama. Everyone has decided on where they stand with respect to the former president. However, even some of his staunchest supporters will agree this is a legacy damaging Tweet.

For his part, Beto O’Rourke took his shameless act on the road. O’Rourke crashed Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference about the tragedy. With members of the slain children’s family in attendance, O’Rourke screamed at the assembled officials claiming they would do nothing about gun violence. He was rightfully castigated by most of the people in attendance as he left. O’Rourke then held his own press conference outside, showing all observers he has zero ability to read the room.

As Obama fades into obscurity, and O’Rourke shows how good he is at losing elections, the Democratic party is about to suffer generational losses in upcoming elections. An unbelievable 72% of the country thinks things are moving in the wrong direction. Instead of trying to alter their message to be more in alignment with most voters, expect them to double down on the accusations of systemic racism and blame the country for their losses.

Politicians that are willing to turn any tragedy into a talking point to further the cause cannot be trusted with the future of the country because their only concern is power. Serving people and communities is far down the list of priorities. As inflation and uncertainty grip the nation, the American people want results, not people willing to sacrifice everything for politics.