Democrats Are Playing With the Lives of Supreme Court Justices

Several weeks ago, the leak of a Supreme Court draft concerning Roe v. Wade was made public for all to see. This draft showed the Supreme Court could very well overturn Roe v. Wade, sending the matter of abortion back to the states.

Democrats were furious. They started rioting outside of the homes of conservative justices. Others demanded for the White House and Congress to implement measures concerning abortion reforms on their own.

When people began appearing outside of conservative justices’ homes, the White House was asked to weigh in on the situation. To this end, the administration said it supported “peaceful” protests, even at the homes of these justices.

This past Wednesday, things escalated, as an armed man was taken into police custody after attempting to end the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In the wake of this, Democrats chose to delay a bill that would increase security for Supreme Court justices.

The Wrong Time to Play Politics
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took the initiative to bring forth legislation that would ensure Supreme Court justices get more security. McCarthy did this hours after the arrest of a man who planned to kill Justice Kavanaugh.

The man is now facing an attempted murder charge. Yet, in spite of this, Democrats still would go on to block the bill brought forward by McCarthy.

After this obstruction took place, the House Minority Leader condemned Democrats for their role in escalating hostility against Supreme Court justices. McCarthy also noted the threats that Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made about justice “paying” for their views on abortion.

The House Minority Leader likewise called out the Biden administration for its encouragement of demonstrations outside of Supreme Court justices’ homes.

A Horrible Precedent For the Future
There is a very real possibility that future attempts could be made on the lives of the sitting justices on the US Supreme Court. These attempts could be driven by Roe v. Wade or other matters entirely; nevertheless, it’s clear that justices have targets on their backs.​

A while ago, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas warned that the leak of the Roe v. Wade draft did great damage to the court. If anything, this is all the more reason for justices to have security that protects not just them, but also their families.

Ultimately, there’s no telling what someone may try next, especially since Democrats obstructed legislation that would have expanded current security levels for justices.