Democrats Are Backing Off From Age Restrictions For AR-15s

Across the country, the Democrat Party has been rallying for gun control at every turn. This renewed interest in restricting Second Amendment rights follows the horrific mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, New York, and other communities across the country.

Despite the documented fact that criminals don’t heed gun control measures, Democrats still insist these regulations must be put into place and nothing else will do.

Some of the Democrats’ favored gun control measures include red flag laws, age restrictions on firearm purchases, universal background checks, and more.

In Congress, lawmakers are currently working to put together a bipartisan gun control package. Now, in a new twist, Democrats have seemingly washed their hands of a plan to increase the age limit on AR-15 purchases.

What to Know About Democrats and Current Gun Control Legislation
Sen. Chris Murphy (D-NJ) was the official to spill the beans that his party will no longer look to boost the age requirement to buy an AR-15 from 18 to 21. Apparently, Democrats chose to forgo this in the hopes of getting GOP senators on board with a gun control package.

However, Senate Democrats aren’t backing off from this proposal because they’ve suddenly found some respect for Second Amendment rights. It’s purely a strategic move.

In order for any gun control bill to avoid a filibuster in the Senate, it needs to get at least 60 votes. This means Democrats cannot pass a gun control bill without getting ten Senate Republicans on board.

Within the current gun control legislation, Murphy says states will be incentivized to tighten their red flag laws. Lawmakers will not put through red flag laws at the federal level in this current bill.

At this time, Democrats are projecting confidence that they can get at least 10 GOP Senate members to vote alongside them for gun control.

Serious Concerns Amongst Conservatives
Conservatives across America have been repeatedly sounding the alarm about mass tragedies being politicized and weaponized to strip lawful citizens of their rights.

These fears are coming to light as some Republican lawmakers join forces with Democrats to pass more gun control measures into law.

The fact of the matter is none of the provisions in the current gun control bill would have prevented the horrors in Uvalde from occurring.

Until lawmakers of all political stripes get serious about both mental health reforms and school security levels, criminals will have easy hunting grounds.