Democratic Donor Suggests Biden Might Step Down Amid Plummeting Support

Long-time Democratic donor Whitney Tilson has claimed that President Joe Biden may step aside as the party’s nominee soon due to a significant drop in support. Speaking on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Tilson expressed his belief that Biden’s support within the Democratic Party has all but evaporated, particularly after his recent debate performance.

Tilson recounted that initially, many Democrats thought Biden’s debate issues were a one-time occurrence. However, he now finds it challenging to locate any supporters among donors and party members. “The dam has broken,” Tilson stated, noting that respect for Biden’s long career remains, but confidence in his ability to defeat Trump is lacking.

He shared that while public calls for Biden to step down are limited, many are privately advocating for his withdrawal to avoid solidifying his determination to stay in the race. The concerns have grown more pronounced as early post-debate polls indicate Trump’s lead over Biden is increasing.

In response to these developments, Democratic megadonors have reportedly considered holding an intervention to convince Biden to withdraw. Furthermore, DNC member James Zogby has outlined a potential strategy for the party to transition to a new nominee, highlighting the growing urgency among party leaders to address Biden’s candidacy.

These internal party dynamics underscore the increasing pressure on Biden as Democrats search for a viable path forward in the 2024 election.