Democratic Congressional Body Slammed For Trying To Gaslight Americans

Thanks to Joe Biden, Americans are paying higher rates for gas than they’ve paid in many years past. The current gas rates ultimately trace back to the all-out war Biden chose to wage against domestic energy production.

Biden would rather have the United States be utterly reliant upon OPEC than for us to be able to generate energy here at home.

President Trump had this country on the proper track to energy independence. However, Biden ruined that by pulling the plug on the Keystone Pipeline and coming down against oil and gas drilling.

As a result of all this, Americans pay the price every time they go to the gas station to fill up their car tanks. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee attempted to spin the situation despite all this. They missed the big mark time, as reported by TheBlaze.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took it upon itself to give Biden a “thank you” for a $0.02 decline in gas that happened during the end of November 2021. Yet, while this amount is minuscule, the kicker here is Biden can’t even claim credit for it.

The $0.02 drop that Democrats want to credit Biden for is attributed to a mild increase in people staying home due to the emergence of omicron, the latest COVID variant.

In responding to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s ridiculous tweet, Americans pointed that out. People also urged the leftist congressional group to zoom out of the days-long time and show the months of rising gas prices.

Even folks who are not conservatives or Republicans let the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee know they missed the mark in trying to give Biden props. As of this writing, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has not taken down this epically humiliating tweet.

As the massive failures of the Biden administration come front and center, Democrats are ramping up their attempts to gaslight the American public. They don’t want the country to see so clearly before our eyes.

It speaks volumes that Democrats are more interested in lying to Americans than trying to fix the problems they created for reasons like this that Democrats are going to lose the midterm elections.

Every day, the political left makes a stellar case for why they have absolutely no businesses being in power. Come November 2022, and the American voters will not forget.