Democratic Candidate ‘Speaks Out’ After Attempt On His Life

Weeks ago, leftist Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg faced an attempt on his life. While attending a campaign event, Greenberg almost lost his life after Black Lives Matter activist Quintez Brown shot at him and barely missed.

Since the attempted execution, Brown has since been bailed out of jail on a $100,000 bond, thanks to the Louisville chapter of Black Lives Matter. The group has since come under fire, with Kentucky Republicans making moves to stop this situation from repeating itself in other cases.

Now, in light of all this, Greenberg has spoken out about the incident and the aftermath of it all, as the Next News Network points out.

In a statement, the left-wing mayoral candidate directly noted his amazement that Brown would be given bail after trying to take a life.

Black Lives Matter Louisville claims that Brown suffers from mental health issues. However, Greenberg’s view is that even if mental health issues are present in someone who attempts to take a life, those issues should receive the necessary care while the individual is in custody. It doesn’t and shouldn’t grant someone a get-out-jail-free card.

The Louisville mayoral candidate had more to say, though. In additional remarks, Greenberg opined about gun control, saying that steps need to be taken to prevent violence from being carried out with firearms.

It is far from Craig Greenberg’s only remarks on gun control. Even before his run to become the next Mayor of Louisville, Greenberg wrote various columns and otherwise conveyed his support for cracking down on Second Amendment rights.

The issue here is a crime. Not law-abiding citizens can exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The fact that Black Lives Matter Louisville was even able to post the bail money for someone who tried to carry out such a heinous crime is a problem in and of itself. It speaks volumes and shows that the system is broken and needs serious fixing.

At this time, Brown is facing multiple criminal charges for his actions. However, by no means should he be out and about, even if he is suffering from mental health issues.
Despite the importance of mental health and mental health treatment, it doesn’t provide impunity for someone to go out and try to take another person’s life.

Furthermore, Brown’s attempt to take out Greenberg comes on top of various social media postings from Brown in which he expressed anti-Jewish, anti-white, and anti-conservative sentiment.