Democrat Party Of Michigan Just Made A Huge Mistake

The Democrat Party has a severe messaging problem that seems to be getting worse and worse as time passes. There are myriad examples to cite. However, the elitist attitude they’ve recently adopted towards parents in the nation takes the cake.

During the Virginia gubernatorial election, Democrat Terry McAuliffe professed during a debate his view that parents shouldn’t get to determine what their kids are learning in schools.

McAuliffe was later stunned when he lost the Virginia governor’s race to current Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin. Unlike McAuliffe, Youngkin managed to get Republicans and Democrats in Virginia to vote for him by showing his regard for parents’ roles in their children’s education.

Yet, even after McAuliffe’s demise in the commonwealth, it seems the Democratic Party still hasn’t learned its lesson. Just over this past weekend, the Democrat Party of Michigan released a statement on parents that has virtually everyone shaking their heads, according to RedState.

In a post that has since been deleted from Facebook, the Michigan Democratic Party stated that “the public” is the actual “client” of public schools rather than parents.

It isn’t all, though. The Democrat Party of Michigan then declared that if parents want to enjoy a stake in what their children are learning in schools, they should send their children to private schools.

It didn’t take long for the backlash to come pouring in. Eventually, the Michigan Democratic Party removed this post. They later released yet another statement. This time, the statement declared that parents have an “important role” in their children’s learning across the state.

The Michigan Democratic Party then declared that their post from mere hours earlier did not reflect what elected Michigan Democrats genuinely believe.

If the Democrat Party of Michigan believed their apology would calm the backlash against them, they were mistaken.

As Americans across the country pointed out, the views in the original post did, indeed, reflect where the party stands. If it didn’t reflect the views of the Michigan Democratic Party, they wouldn’t have posted it with a ringing endorsement.

The only reason Michigan Democrats removed the original statement from their Facebook feed was that they faced backlash. They did not take down the post after magically having a genuine change of heart.

This anti-parent sentiment has been brewing within the Democrat Party for quite some time. It’s why Democrats lost the Virginia gubernatorial election last year. This anti-parent sentiment is likewise yet another reason why Democrats will lose control of the House and Senate.