Democrat House Leader: American People ‘Love’ Biden Agenda

Now that Democrats have survived the midterm elections with less of a “red wave” than most expected, they have begun ramping up their campaigning on behalf of the disastrous Biden administration in preparation for the 2024 elections. House Majority Leader Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said on Wednesday that “people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda.” He went on to try to explain away Biden’s horrific poll numbers.

Clyburn’s comments came during the Wednesday broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power,” where he argued that even though Biden’s ratings are low now, people will eventually see that his policies will be “proven to be exactly what the country needed.”

He added his belief that Biden “will be like President Truman” in that regard, going on to say that Americans are now “very pleased when they look at their bank accounts.” That pleasure doesn’t show up in the national polls for some reason, according to Clyburn.

The South Carolina Democrat said that he wants to see Biden run again in 2024, citing this month’s midterm election as evidence the party managed to “defy all odds and do what we were able to do in defying conventional wisdom.”

Even though Democrats out-performed expectations on Election Day, a Fox News poll conducted last month shows that 54% of registered voters nationwide would vote for someone other than Biden in 2024, with only 33% saying they would vote for his re-election. Only 35% of respondents said they believe Biden is a “strong leader,” while 62% believe he is not.

Biden has not made a formal declaration of his intent to run for reelection, but said shortly after the midterms concluded that he “plans to” and will make some announcement by early next year.

His post-midterm-election approval rating was shown in an Emerson poll conducted November 18 and 19 at only 39%, with 52% of registered voters disapproving of his job performance. The same poll shows that Biden would be favored currently over President Trump in a hypothetical 2024 contest, 45% to 41%. Biden led Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in the same poll, 43% to 39%.

In a hypothetical Democratic primary race, Biden drew 42% support, compared to 12% for both Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

In a hypothetical Republican primary, Trump leads DeSantis currently by a substantial margin, 55% to 25%.