Delta Airlines Plane Catches Fire Midair

A Delta Airlines flight was diverted when a fire broke out in the plane shortly after it took off from an airport in Prestwick, Scotland.

According to the Daily Caller, Delta flight DAL209 was forced to make an emergency landing after flames engulfed one of the wings on the commercial aircraft.

BBC Scotland News journalist Laura Pettigrew, a passenger on the plane, told the BBC that there was a loud engine noise shortly after the plane took off. She added that the noise was similar to the sounds planes make when they are about to take off or land.

“The captain walked up the length of the plane and then there was a Tannoy announcement – although no one could hear it,” Pettigrew said. “But we soon realized we were preparing to land. When the plane touched down we could see fire trucks and firefighters with hoses rushing towards us.”

Pettigrew added that passengers were ordered to leave their belongings and evacuate the plane immediately after it landed. Pettigrew also revealed that the passengers were more confused than panicked as the whole incident unfolded. She, however, mentioned that the incident left families with kids “pretty distressed.”

“They kept everyone calm,” Pettigrew said of the aircrew on board the plane, which she also described as amazing. “The pilots seemed to do a smooth job of getting us down safely. Apparently, the cabin crew was preparing for a crash landing.”

Pettigrew told the BBC that she only knew how serious the issue with the plane was once she, alongside other passengers, got into the terminal and heard people talking about what happened.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service told the BBC that firefighters were called to the airport to assist the fire crew that was already on the ground.

“We were requested at 11:23 to assist our fire service partners at Prestwick Airport,” the spokesperson said. “Operations Control mobilized four appliances to the site, where firefighters remain working to support their partners.”

Delta also released a statement confirming that the plane, which was heading to New York, had suffered a mechanical issue with one of its engines.