Defunding Law Enforcement Keeps Backfiring On The Left

In 2020, leftist leaders across the United States took to heart the message of “defund the police.” After various anti-law enforcement demonstrations across various parts of the nation, Democrat mayors, city council members, and other leaders slashed funds for various police departments.

The results of defunding the police have been massive surges of crime. This crime has been further enabled by the watering down of cash bail. Many innocent lives have been threatened and altogether snuffed out in the worst cases by letting vicious offenders back on the streets.

However, the fallout from defunding law enforcement is far from over. Fox News draws attention to one of the latest instances of “defund the police,” backfiring on the Democrats who championed this.

On Friday night, two police officers in New York City were mercilessly gunned down. Unfortunately, one of these officers did not survive the assault and passed away.

New York City has been dealing with a crime crisis for quite some time, ever since the city slashed police funding back in 2020. Anyhow, in the wake of the attack against these officers, Democrats in the community are now shifting gears from the anti-police sentiment they readily embraced mere months ago.

After Friday’s shooting, New York State Attorney General Letitia James declared that New York residents are in prayer for law enforcement and other community members. It was a far cry from James’ 2020 remarks when she declared residents of the Empire State “lost faith” in police officers.

James is far from an isolated incident, though. Various leftist council members of New York City sent out their condolences for the shootings against these two police officers. Meanwhile, back in 2020, members of the city council were calling the New York Police Department “the biggest gang” and declaring that law enforcement wouldn’t keep the community safe.

Following Friday’s shooting of police officers, newly elected New York Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, held a roundtable to discuss gun violence.

Time and time again, the defunding of the police movement falls in the face of reality. The lesson in all of this is that it’s easy for leftists to trash the police when they’re trying to win points for political grandstanding.

It’s a different issue entirely when communities have to live with the consequences of defunding the police. In the wake of crime surges across the United States, various communities that slashed funding for their local police departments are looking to revive or even expand funding for law enforcement.