‘Cyberattacks’ Against America’s Banks May Be Coming

As Russia’s aggression becomes more dangerous and insidious, Biden appears to be getting more feeble.

For starters, Biden’s passive response to Russian President Putin only encourages the latter rather than getting him to tone down.

The White House repeatedly speaks about various sanctions imposed upon Russia. However, these sanctions don’t come close to making a real impact.

Meanwhile, Putin’s gearing up his forces for nuclear war. He’s also decided to lob various threats against the Western world and NATO.

As the Biden Administration continues to feign as if sanctions are the end-all-be-all, banks across the country are readying themselves for potential cyberattacks, as covered by Washington Free Beacon.

Due to the American government’s sanctions on Russia, apologists may return the favor in cyberattacks.

The banks most likely to incur potential cyberattacks include global ones. According to experts on cybersecurity, these institutions are doing their part to prepare themselves.

This preparation comes in the form of holding drills for various cyberattacks, getting extra staff members on the beat, beefing up network surveillance, and otherwise readying themselves for a series of scenarios.

Meanwhile, America’s famous big banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, etc., aren’t making public their preparations for possible cyberattacks. It could be a form of safeguarding against Russia.

Finally, cybersecurity experts maintain that being prepared now is the best defense. Banks should be on higher guard than being hit by various cyberattacks that they never saw coming.

Attacks from Russia against US banks would open an entirely new can of worms. However, Biden would likely respond with more weak-kneed sanctions that barely put a dent in Russia’s armor.

At this time, the White House hasn’t been very public about Russia’s reality and could attempt to bring cyberattacks against US banks to retaliate against sanctions.

Over the weekend, as Putin directed the Russian government to prepare its nuclear forces, Biden was ducking the media and spending time at his home in Delaware.

Time will tell how Biden and the White House persist amid Russia’s behavior. One thing’s for sure, though: countless Americans are missing the days of the Trump Administration.

The country had a strong President who knew how to stand up, put America first, and refuse to let US enemies enjoy freedom.