Critics Blast Warsaw Mayor For Banning Crosses

NATO ally and overwhelmingly Catholic Poland saw a major policy shift recently that has outraged many. Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has come under serious fire after signing an order banning the display of religious symbols, including Christian crosses, in city hall offices.

According to the godless legislation, crosses can’t be hung on walls or displayed on staff desks, something commonly done in the country. The culturally destructive policy also mandates all public events must be secular in nature without any form of prayer.

Employees can still wear personal religious symbols such as medallions, jewelry featuring saints, and religious tattoos. But it’s clear such things will be frowned upon.

Trzaskowski’s decision looks to be in response to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s 2021 call for the removal of crosses from public buildings. Trzaskowski, a likely presidential candidate for Tusk’s Civic Coalition, has been called out by conservatives in the country for the attack on religious freedom and Polish customs that the new public policy embodies.

Tobiasz Bocheński, the unsuccessful Law and Justice (PiS) candidate against Trzaskowski in last month’s local elections, called the mayor “a fanatical leftist ideologue who is trying to introduce extreme leftist ideology to Warsaw, contrary to the legal order and customs prevailing in Poland.”

Former PiS government spokesman and MP Piotr Muller accused Trzaskowski of threatening religious freedom and attempting to enforce new cultural norms in the capital city with the cross being the first target for removal.

Trzaskowski responded to critics by declaring, “Poland is a secular state and Warsaw is its capital.” He emphasized the religion practiced by 71% of the country has no place in public life as some may not feel secure.

Trzaskowski claimed, “No one wants to combat any religion and that religious symbols will have their place when history is celebrated.”

The new guidelines also require city officials to respect the rights of same-sex couples and individuals’ preferred pronouns, adding forced compliance to extreme-leftist gender ideology to the banning of Christian symbols like crosses to the list of oppressive insults to Christians living in the nation.