Criminals Learn A Hard Lesson In Atlanta

The documented rises in destructive, violent crimes pose a real threat to communities in the United States. Much of these rises date back to 2020, when Democrats in power defund police departments across the country.

It didn’t pan out so well for public safety or law-abiding citizens. However, it did give a pass to criminals and others looking to cause problems, such as Antifa members.

Antifa is a far-left group known for rioting, destroying property and attacking individuals who differ from them ideologically.

According to PJ Media, in Atlanta, Georgia, a series of Antifa members who caused chaos and attempted to frame conservatives for it has just been convicted on multiple federal charges.

Vida Jones, Ellie Brett, and John Wade are the three Antifa members who vandalized a bank, police vehicle and postal property in 2020 and then tried to stage their crimes so law enforcement would believe the Proud Boys’ other right-wing groups were responsible.

However, it didn’t pan out so well for Jones, Melvin or Wade. All three individuals currently have sentencing hearings coming up as they prepare to serve time for their offenses.

It’s also worth noting that part of what led to these Antifa members being caught were their choices to videotape their crimes and then share the footage on social networking sites.

Antifa has been able to engage in various crimes across the United States and seemingly get away with it for quite some time. Upon the news of Jones, Melvin and Wade’s convictions, many Americans are hopeful that a new dawn is coming to America.

Likewise, Americans are looking forward to these convictions of Antifa members deterring other agitators who may be thinking about committing crimes.

These latest convictions are certainly a standout with the massive body blows that public safety has taken lately.

It’s also remarkable that the convictions took place in a city known for being profoundly blue and under left-wing control for years on end. Part of stopping crime involves publicly holding offenders accountable rather than just letting them get off with slaps on the wrists.

Ultimately, time will be the most significant factor in revealing whether or not these latest convictions of Antifa members mark the return to law and order. One thing’s for sure: For the sake of law-abiding citizens, soft-on-crime policies have to be terminated once and for all.