COVID Narrative Continues To ‘Fall Apart’

For years, at this point, everyone’s been told that to stop COVID, a laundry list of precautions needs to be taken. These precautions included wearing masks, staying home, shutting down businesses, getting COVID vaccines, booster shots, etc.

Yet, despite all the guidelines and restrictions, coronavirus still hasn’t faded away. Furthermore, the issuers of these mandates are habitually in violation of them while demanding obedience from everyone else.

It’s more apparent now than ever that COVID guidelines have always been about control, money, and power, not health, public safety, or the eradication of a virus. California is a prime example of this, as Fox News reports.

California was the first state in America to implement a lockdown in 2020 as a (failed) means of stopping COVID from spreading. Yet, despite locking down everyday Californians, Governor Gavin Newsom continued with his life with business as usual.

Just earlier this month, the California Governor landed in hot water, as did other states Democrats, for breaching the very same mask mandates they’ve implemented and deemed to be mandatory.

It isn’t all the California Governor’s been doing. Somehow, when he chose to implement a statewide COVID vaccine mandate, he provided immunity to the California Prison Guard Unions.

Unions are known for being big backers of Democrats. Newsom and others in his party are wholly owned and beholden to various unions, which shows in their policies.

It is why the California Governor had no problem keeping schools closed when the teachers’ unions demanded it, despite the harm this had on children.

These incidents and more collectively produce the biggest giveaway of all that special interests, not public health, rule pro-mandate politicians. It’s high time for everyone to stop pretending otherwise.

If there was ever more evidence necessary that mandates are about power, not health, look no further than California and other blue states and cities suddenly rolling back COVID restrictions.

It isn’t because “the science” has changed. It’s because Democrats are terrified of losing the November midterms. After all, they chose to be the party of unpopular, despotic medical mandates.

If Democrats genuinely believed COVID guidelines were in keeping with public health, they wouldn’t repeatedly violate them and hand out exemptions to groups bankrolling their political campaigns.

With each passing second, the false COVID narrative that everyone’s been sold since 2020 continues to crumble.