Could Kamala Harris Have One Foot Out The Door?

Kamala Harris became vice president after running a failed campaign to become president. During the Democratic primary, Harris repeatedly sparred with Biden. Later, Harris went on the record and stated she believed the women who accused Biden of inappropriate behavior. The future vice president also made it clear she thought these women should be heard.

Yet, at some point, Biden chose to make Harris his running mate and eventual vice president. All was forgiven, and Harris even chalked up her previous clashes with Biden as nothing more than her merely engaging in “a debate.”

However, there is trouble in paradise less than one year into Harris’ vice presidential tenure, as Red State has documented. 

There are concerns that the White House is sidelining Harris. Furthermore, some of the vice president’s aides have expressed concerns that the Biden administration isn’t setting her up for defense or coming to her aid when necessary. 

Reports also exist of Biden and Harris clashing with one another and failing to see eye to eye. Again, many aides to the vice president believe the White House could be doing more to ensure Harris is in the best possible position during her tenure. 

However, claims exist that the White House has issues with the vice president as well. There are questions and apprehensions about Harris’ level of loyalty to Biden. It mainly comes amid talk about whether or not Biden will make it to 2024.

Constitutionally, if something happens with Biden before his term as the commander-in-chief is over, then Harris is the one who becomes president. It also comes on top of the White House reportedly questioning the degree of loyalty Harris may show Biden during future elections. 

If there is any tension between the president and vice president, the Biden administration doesn’t want Americans to know it. Just yesterday, when the president signed his faux infrastructure bill into law, he was accompanied by Harris. 

The pair hugged, smiled at one another, and even left the signing ceremony arm in arm. It’s almost as if they were going overboard to get rid of any rumors about a Biden-Harris rift. 

On Sunday night, White House press secretary Jen Psaki also tweeted the vice president accolades. Psaki professed via Twitter that Harris is a critical partner to the president and a “bold leader” fighting the good fight for various causes. 

Amid all the fanfare, though, Americans are more eager than ever to know what’s happening behind the scenes. What all is the Biden administration hiding that has yet to come to light?