Could Kamala Harris Be Joining The Supreme Court?

There have been multiple claims about problems with Vice President Kamala Harris in the White House throughout November. About two weeks ago, CNN put out a story, claiming that all sorts of issues are happening on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Reportedly, some of these issues deal with aides to the vice president believing the White House doesn’t have Harris’ best interest at heart. To be precise, some of these aides told CNN the White House isn’t making the most of what Harris has to offer.

Additional reports indicated that the White House questions how loyal Harris will be to Biden as future elections arise. That’s not to mention reports that Biden’s been looking into the process of getting a new vice president altogether.

Amid these claims, RedState now draws attention to the possibility of Harris joining the Supreme Court.

It is not an easy feat for a president to rid themselves of a vice president, significantly less than one year into the term. However, if specific reports are accurate, this is what the Biden administration is trying to do.

For this reason, reports exist of Democrats possibly considering nominating Harris to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Nevertheless, this may be easier said than done.

First and foremost, all seats on the Supreme Court are occupied. There are not any vacancies at this time. Therefore, it’s questionable how, exactly, Democrats plan to nominate Harris for a position that is not even available.

Secondly, the vice president does not have any experience in the judiciary. Biden and his team may be sick of Harris. However, this doesn’t mean simply shuffling her over to the Supreme Court will be an easy fix. It just doesn’t work that way.

The White House is working very hard to make Americans believe all is well with Harris as part of the team. After CNN’s report earlier this month, the Biden administration released a statement declaring Harris as an esteemed partner to the president.

Despite the best attempts of the White House, many Americans are of the view that there’s more to the Biden-Harris relationship than is being let on. If Harris were such an esteemed partner to the president, her staffers wouldn’t be complaining to CNN about the White House’s treatment of Harris.

No matter how much Biden may want a new vice president, nominating Harris to the Supreme Court (especially when there are no vacant seats for Harris to fill) will not work. Time and time again, this president and his administration prove they don’t know which way is up from down.