Could In-N-Out Be Leaving California For Florida?

This month, the burger joint known as In-N-Out made some headlines. In-N-Out drew national attention when it refused to check customers’ COVID vaccination status. 

Despite California’s federal government and state fully embracing forced COVID vaccines, In-N-Out made it very clear they want no part in this. In a public statement, the burger joint declared they wouldn’t pose as the vaccine police and ask to see people’s papers. 

As a result, San Francisco shut down In-N-Out for failing to uphold the COVID vaccine mandate. The city government attempted to bully the burger joint into submission. However, California may have overplayed its hand. 

Red State reports Florida is now trying to get In-N-Out to ditch California for the Sunshine State.

Florida’s chief financial officer, Jimmy Patronis, praised In-N-Out for standing up to draconian vaccine regulations. Patronis furthermore declared that Florida has quite a bit to offer In-N-Out, including the assurance of living in a state that won’t stand for vaccine mandates. 

The Florida chief financial officer later paralleled this situation to Tesla leaving California for Texas due to the former’s burdensome regulations. Patronis later noted that he could relate to In-N-Out’s struggles, as he too knows what it’s like to own and operate a business. 

Florida is the polar opposite of California in so many regards. Americans are fleeing California in droves. Meanwhile, Florida is getting thousands of new residents every day. California has chosen to embrace bio-medical, fascist mandates, Florida is committed to protecting medical choice and individual liberties. 

If In-N-Out does take up Florida’s offer to relocate to the state, it will mark yet another business that’s chosen to flee California. So far, it is unknown whether or not In-N-Out will remain in California.

We’ve reached a point in America where it’s critical to stand up against tyranny. It is paramount not just for individuals who are being told to submit to mandates but also for businesses being ordered to implement authoritarian measures. 

Intensely blue states like California have fully embraced tyranny. In Los Angeles, you can’t enter most indoor facilities unless you show your COVID vaccination card. It is something that Florida has repeatedly refused to let happen. 

Earlier this week, Florida sued the Biden administration over COVID vaccine mandates imposed upon federal contractors. Taking a stand against tyranny is the only surefire means of defeating it.