Could “Governors Turned Presidents” Be The Ones To Save America?

Despite the inherent greatness of America, the country is still facing issues that will take considerable effort, grit, and changes to come out on the other side.

Thus far, economists have projected that America’s inflation crisis will endure throughout the better part of next year and perhaps even longer. Meanwhile, there’s no telling when the persistent supply chain crisis will be handled and restored to where it was during the Trump Administration.

On top of these issues are the southern border, the Marxist agenda of Critical Race Theory in schools, and more. In light of these details, Americans begin to question whether the country needs to reassess who we elect as presidents going forward.

As reported by PJ Media, the solution may lie in electing governors into the White House.

2008, 2016, and 2020 presidential elections consisted of America voting for individuals with zero experience as governors.

Critics of Obama note his lack of experience in foreign policy, business, military, etc. Meanwhile, Trump critics believe that he failed to meet specific promises, such as building the border wall, draining the corrupt DC swamp, etc.

Critics of Biden have pointed out his years of political experience, yet few accomplishments to show for it, along with the subsequent disasters that ensued since his time in office.

The 2024 presidential election is getting closer and closer. In light of the aforementioned details, a school of thought asserts that people who have previously led as governors would be best equipped to run the country as president.

Successful governors-turned-presidents are Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and others. Before the tragedy of 9/11, America made a habit of electing people who previously served as governors into the White House.

In light of what the past 13 years of America have looked like, there are renewed calls for this trend to make a comeback?

If governors-turned-presidents are the answer to saving the United States, options are abundant for the next presidential election.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one obvious choice. DeSantis’ name has already come up numerous times as a possible contender in the forthcoming election. In polls where Trump is not listed as a 2024 candidate, DeSantis comes in at number one above all others.

Other potential governors who could run for the White House include Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Bill Lee of Tennessee. While running a state is different from running a nation, some parallels come in handy.

Perhaps the country should keep this in mind as future presidential elections approach.