Cop-Killer Receives Honor of Speaking at New York University

The State University of New York is under fire for inviting cop-killer Jalil Muntaqim to speak at its Brockport campus in April. Born Anthony Bottom, the convicted double murderer confessed to his crimes and will now speak on the “History of Black Resistance, U.S. Political Prisoners and Genocide.”

Muntaquim was originally to be paid through the college’s “Promoting Excellence in Diversity Grant,” but school officials reversed that plan just days ago. Not surprisingly, they came under fire for not only Muntaquim’s murderous past but also for calling him in their promotions a “political prisoner.”

Not content with that laughable description, the school did not mention his two murder convictions, but rapturously describes their esteemed guest as a “grandfather, father, mentor to many, and loving human being.”

The State University of New York says it will not cancel the event, as Damita Davis, chief diversity officer for the school, cites “academic freedom.”

On May 21, 1971, two police officers, 33-year-old Waverly Jones and his partner, 28-year-old Joseph Piagentini, were sent on a bogus 911 call into a Harlem public housing project. It was an ambush.

Waiting on the two five-year veteran officers was then-19-year-old Muntaquim and two fellow members of the Black Liberation Army. Jones, who was black, was shot in the head from behind and died instantly. Piagentini, who was white and had two small children, was found with 22 bullet holes in his body. Many were fired from his own weapon.

Piagentini’s widow Diane, fiercely rejects the notion that Muntaquim is a political prisoner and deserves the academic spotlight he is shown. In a letter to the event’s sponsor, Piagentini says while her husband “lay on the ground pleading” that he had a family, SUNY Brockton’s guest speaker “took his service revolver and emptied it.”

Muntaqim was released on parole in 2020.

And his invitation to speak at SUNY Brockton is hardly a unique event. Goddard College in Vermont in 2014 invited another convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, to be their commencement speaker at graduation. He gave the address via video playback.

In the interests of “diversity” and “academic freedom,” the State University of New York bestows the honor of speaking to students on the cold-blooded murderer of two NYPD officers. The injustice of the event is incalculable, and the incredible foolishness of this so-called academic institution is beyond words.