Convoy Protests Continue to Infuriate the Left

Even though most of the media attention has dwindled, there are still truckers protests continuing in some major Canadian cities and the American equivalent is continuing to camp out near Washington, D.C.

The People’s Convoy that traveled across the U.S. before reaching the Washington area has been careful about getting into direct conflicts with the progressive establishment that runs the city, maintaining the protest on the outskirts of town, and occasionally traveling around the beltway encircling the capital.

Convoy organizer Brian Brase said that avoiding the center of Washington was a “diplomatic move” intended to protect the members of the convoy. He said that he was fearful that law enforcement and politicians would try to treat convoy members like “they did those involved in January 6.”

Some of the protestors encountered some very difficult residents last Friday. The way the peaceful protest has been met in many instances serves as a strong illustration of how the opposite sides of the debate operate. One side believes in individual freedom while the other only insists on full compliance with government mandates and getting their way in controlling others.

One example was of a lady who met protestors who invited her to have a peaceful discussion with nothing more than inane vulgarity.

[Strong language warning]

Then came another example of an extended leftist temper tantrum when a man wearing a mask outdoors on a Washington street went into an unhinged profane rant against everyone near him. It is worth noting that the convoy protestors responded to the outraged man with politeness and by telling him, “God bless you.” The poor man is so angry that he appears oblivious to oncoming traffic or the warning the protesters give him to look out.

[Strong language warning]

As politicians and the corporate media have successfully indoctrinated people into tribal and hateful thinking, they have likely become more emboldened about future prospects of bending public sentiment to points of view favored by the power elite.

Through structured messaging, the media has shown that it can take the perception of workers who were considered essential at the beginning of the pandemic, like truckers and medical professionals, and turn it to an opposite view at the whim of those in control of public messaging.