Conservatives: Stop Calling Liz Cheney A Republican

Outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) faced sharp criticism after she publicly endorsed a Democrat for election on Thursday, with many conservatives demanding that the anti-Trumper no longer be described as a Republican.

Cheney issued a press release that says she is “proud to support” Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) in her current bid for reelection to represent the 8th Congressional District of Michigan in the House. Cheney also said that she will attend a campaign event in Michigan next week to appear alongside Slotkin.

Cheney described Slotkin as an “honorable public servant” and said she is in politics for the “right reasons.”

Mark Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News, said Cheney is nothing more than a “surreptitious Democrat.” He added that if there is ever a “new civil war,” he believes Cheney would be on the “wrong side of it.” He described her as “more Jefferson Davis than Abraham Lincoln.”

NewsBusters editor Tim Graham pointed to the 7% score Cheney recently received from the American Conservative Union to say she is “not really conservative or Republican.”

Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway took issue with an Associated Press report that said Cheney “belongs to the GOP.” Hemingway said that someone removed from party rolls by their state’s GOP, removed from national GOP leadership, who “runs anti-GOP operations” on behalf of Democrats and has been “utterly renounced” by voters in the GOP is many things. “‘GOP’ is not one of them,” she said.

Cheney’s fall from Republican leadership has been an ongoing process since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. She finally became a virtual outcast from the party after voting to impeach President Trump following the events of January 6, 2021. She was voted out of her leadership position as chair of the House GOP Conference.

She went on to accept a position on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-selected January 6 Committee last year and became vice chair of the committee investigating President Trump and administration officials. Cheney became the face of establishment Republican attacks on Trump while working on the committee.

Cheney was expelled from the Wyoming state Republican Party in November 2021. Then in August of this year, she was soundly thumped by 28 percentage points by Harriet Hageman in the GOP primary for Wyoming’s single seat in the House. Hageman was strongly supported and endorsed by Trump in her primary campaign.

Cheney has repeatedly made claims that she will drop out of the Republican Party if Trump becomes the party’s nominee for president again in 2024.