Connecticut Could Be Looking at a Trump-Fueled Red Wave

Connecticut could actually be turning red, according to author and longtime political strategist Dick Morris, who claims that a Trump-fueled red wave is headed towards the state.

The upcoming elections in Connecticut are especially meaningful for Morris, who currently resides in the state. Appearing on “American Agenda” with host Bob Sellers on Friday, the political strategist argued that former President Donald Trump and his latest endorsement pick, GOP Senate candidate Leora Levy, are fueling the state’s move toward the right.

“Connecticut is a purple state, and I think there’s a red wave coming,” Morris said.

According to Morris, Connecticut’s previous Republican candidates for the House and Senate were RINOs — ‘Republicans In Name Only.’ The author claims that the state’s old GOP candidates were full of bluster when pretending to confront the Democrats on important issues, but ultimately “caved in the end.”

Now, things appear to be changing in Connecticut, Morris believes, thanks to Trump and Levy.

The author noted that, while Levy began her run for Senate while being virtually unknown in Connecticut’s political landscape, as time passed, her dynamic personality and commitment to the “America First” agenda has turned heads throughout the state.

“Nobody thought she could win [next Tuesday’s GOP primary], but now Levy’s surging, thanks to the Trump endorsement,” Morris said.

Through his polling affiliates, the political strategist revealed that incumbent Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) could potentially be “vulnerable” in a general election. According to Morris, when Democrat respondents in the state were asked whether Blumenthal deserved to be reelected, 41% answered “yes,” while 47% stated “no.”

If the Democrat senator is actually doing poorly with Connecticut voters, then Morris argues that “whoever wins this [GOP] primary has a great chance of winning [the Senate], and Levy is somebody we can really get enthusiastic about.”

He went on to conclude that Trump’s record with primary-season endorsements, which currently sits at 103-6, is a great sign for Levy’s chances against Blumenthal.

The same holds true for Harriet Hageman, the pro-Trump conservative running to unseat RINO Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in the Wyoming GOP primary on August 16.

This week, former Vice President Dick Cheney released an ad in support of his daughter’s reelection campaign. In the video, Cheney denounced Trump as “the greatest threat to the Republic” in America’s 246 years of existence.

Responding to the ad, Morris cautioned viewers not to fall for Cheney’s rhetoric — claiming that the family’s hatred of Trump is not actually about his policies or his actions as president, but is instead about him essentially “driving Jeb Bush out of politics” following the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

“The Jan. 6 stuff with [Liz] Cheney is total BS,” Morris said, adding that Cheney’s loathing for Trump is simply a “personal grudge being enacted on a national stage.”