Congress Appears Poised To Reject Biden’s Spending Bill

Joe Biden’s spending bill is a hot mess. In a nutshell, it makes socialism the law of the land, giving full power and control over Americans’ lives to the federal government. 

The president is desperate to pass this legislation. Last week, Biden spoke to Democrat lawmakers. He pleaded with them to pass his spending bill, declaring his presidency and the Democrats’ Senate and House majorities are reliant on his Build Back Better plan. 

For weeks now, Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris have stated that congressional members are close to reaching a deal. However, time after time, no deal materializes. 

As PJ Media has documented, at this point, Congress appears poised to reject Biden’s spending bill. Quite frankly and for the good of the nation, the president’s plan should never see the light of day.

First and foremost, it’s critical to note the 46th president expected to get his spending bill passed before he jetted overseas to talk about climate change. However, this didn’t pan out. 

Pelosi even interceded on Biden’s behalf, telling House Democrats not to “embarrass” the president, but it didn’t make a difference. 

Radical Democrats are trying with all their might to get the legislation passed, but even the radicals can’t fully agree. Many are not pleased with paid family leave being taken out of the legislation. Meanwhile, others like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want Biden to erase student loan debt. 

Meanwhile, moderate Democrats are not on board with most of what the radicals are pushing for. With such small, slim majorities that Democrats have, they need just about every single lawmaker on board with their plan. 

It is the case in the Senate. Democrats cannot pass anything through Congress if they lose even one Democrat senator’s vote. To make a long story short, Biden’s spending bill is doomed because it does have the votes to pass through Congress. 

The president wants Americans to think his spending bill is about building back “better.” In reality, this horrific legislation is about building back socialism.

That’s why the Build Back Better plan pumps up the IRS with new resources to spy on Americans’ private financial accounts. It’s also why Biden’s agenda raises inflation, crushes businesses with regulations, gives the government total control over Americans’ healthcare, and more. 

It is time for this terrible legislation to be tossed in the shredder where it belongs. Americans deserve better.