CNN’s Desperate Attempt To Demonize Gun Ownership Fails Big Time

The gun control crowd is losing the debate on the Second Amendment, and they know it. Ironically, the same antics of the Democrat Party for years now have made the perfect case for why legal gun ownership is imperative.

Amid mass riots, the fall of cash bail, defunding of the police, and more, gun ownership rates are skyrocketing. This year, millions of people in this country purchased firearms first. Americans are waking up to the fact that their self-defense matters, especially in the current times we’re all living in.

Left-wing sycophants like CNN loathe this. Their ultimate objective is to erode Second Amendment rights and outlaw gun ownership altogether. As Democrats realize the exact opposite is taking place, they’re becoming more desperate.

This desperation is evidenced by CNN’s failed attempt to demonize legal gun ownership in the United States, according to RedState.

When Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie posted photos of himself and his family holding firearms in front of a Christmas tree, this indeed triggered CNN host Asha Rangappa. The host questioned whether or not Republicans would have a positive response to Massie’s family holding guns before a Christmas tree if he and his family were black.

Rangappa’s attempt to fearmonger and spread racial divisions didn’t work, though. Americans responded to the CNN host with photos of black families and individuals holding firearms of different sorts. She was also reminded that minorities are one of the fastest-growing groups of new gun owners.

Of course, it doesn’t fit the false narrative the CNN host was so clearly and sadly trying to perpetuate. However, no one should be shocked at seeing this kind of behavior from someone aligned with the Democrat Party.

Gun control has a very bleak future in the United States. More Americans are purchasing firearms, getting concealed carry permits, etc. As previously noted, the Democrat Party ironically dealt a death blow to gun control by eroding public safety.

At this point, the best solution would be for Democrats to cease their war against the Second Amendment. Democrats should also wake up to the reality that as more people buy guns, support for gun control will continue to fall.

When danger strikes, a good person with a gun is the one who can stop it. Time and time again, arguments for gun control are dismantled via real-world events, along with basic common sense.