CNN Writer Suggests That Republicans Are Tarnishing Liberal Terminology

For some reason, CNN believes Americans vehemently oppose particular liberal terminology because of how Republicans use those terms.

Instead of considering the meaning behind the words as potential culprits, they blame the right. An article on their website attempts to explain why terms like “woke” make people uneasy — without acknowledging that tie ideology itself is what is turning millions of Americans away.

Senior CNN writer John Blake took aim at Republicans and their “verbal jiu-jitsu.” He wrote an article explaining how conservatives are to blame for these leftist terms’ negative reputation. Instead of explaining what may be misconstrued about terms like “CRT,” “woke,” and “equity,” he points his finger.

Blake pushes the idea that Republicans have turned liberals’ language against them. The article says, “Mention almost any touchstone phrase adopted by the left in recent years — “critical race theory,” “diversity,” “global warming,” even the word “liberal” itself — and it has been redefined or tarnished by conservatives.”

He also downplays the “woke” movement by saying that the word is defined as being “actively aware of social injustice.” Blake states that it has been transformed into a “contemporary scourge,” citing that one politician compared wokeness to a “virus more dangerous than any pandemic.”

Simply suggesting that wokeness is wrongly demonized doesn’t make it accurate. The issue of wokeness is real, and denying it only makes the left look bad. Americans can see what is happening around them; it’s almost impossible not to notice what is happening in the U.S. right now.

Blake also asks why Republicans are so good at “verbal combat,” and Democrats aren’t. The left has been connecting conservatives to being privileged, white supremacists, fascists, nazis, and so on. They have turned “white straight male,” “mother,” “woman,” “masculinity,” and “MAGA” into negative phrases and terms. Maybe Blake forgot about that type of verbal combat?

He emphasizes that terms like critical race theory are demonized because of their misuse, not their meaning. CRT theory reduces people to their unchangeable characteristics. It suggests the U.S. is institutionally racist and saddles individuals with everlasting guilt because of their skin color.

Blake has it all wrong; it’s not Republicans misusing these terms; it’s Republicans using them correctly, honestly, and transparently. The left seems to be all about smoke in mirrors. They’ll argue that something is “good” for Americans until they’re blue in the face but can never coherently explain why.

Blake mentions that Republicans are better at sticking to their message, which is one correct observation in his article. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” Perhaps that is why Democrats cannot stick to their messaging the same way Republicans can.

Many Americans are against “wokeness,” “equity,” and “CRT,” among other leftist terms, due to the toxic, harmful ideas they are built upon. It’s how these terms impact their lives, their children’s education and mental health, their rights and freedoms as citizens, etc.

Republicans aren’t performing ‘verbal jiu-jitsu” when discussing controversial leftist terms. They’re dropping cold, hard facts so Americans can be informed. A poll from last year found that around 59% of Americans find the incredibly controversial CRT curriculum somewhat or very unfavorable.

In the same poll, about 64% of Americans said they had a good idea of CRT theory. So clearly, they understand what all of these terms mean. It’s not a matter of misuse or misunderstanding. Americans aren’t stupid; they can form their own opinions without a CNN writer telling them why they don’t like wokeness.