CNN Goes Back Into Lockdown Mode

CNN hasn’t been doing so well lately. One of their now-fired ex-producers, John Griffin, has faced accusations of inappropriate conduct with underage girls. Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo was also recently fired by CNN for using his position with the network to run backdoor favors for his brother.

Since Cuomo’s termination from CNN, he’s also faced accusations of inappropriate behavior with women. Meanwhile, CNN anchor Don Lemon is also the subject of allegations stating he was physically unfit with a man at a bar.

CNN is not getting the best coverage as of late. They have now shut down their offices, according to RedState.

COVID is the public, official reason CNN is giving its employees regarding the closure of company offices. Jeff Zucker of CNN recently told workers with the network that if they’re in a position to work outside of the office, they should do so.

Furthermore, Zucker revealed that CNN would be changing how the network handles its control rooms and studios. They’re additionally looking to increase remote operations that don’t demand workers to come into the office.

It’s also worth noting that CNN has a vaccine mandate in place for its workers. Yet, despite this vaccine mandate, the network still demands that anyone who comes into the office wear face coverings.

Naturally, this begs why CNN feels the need to implement a mask mandate for workers when everyone there is vaccinated. After all, the almighty COVID vaccine is supposed to be the thing that keeps everyone safe and protected.

Perhaps CNN doesn’t indeed have as much faith in the COVID vaccine as they’d like people to believe.

There is a genuine possibility that more scandals are coming that CNN is privately aware of. It could be why CNN is shutting down their company offices, even if they want people to believe the reason has to do with COVID.

Many have noted how individuals guilty of inappropriate behavior tend to gravitate towards CNN in the wake of scandals surrounding Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and John Griffin. It concerns me especially in light of all that’s happening globally.

However, issues with employees aren’t the only problem CNN’s been facing lately. Since Trump left the White House, CNN has likewise struggled with ratings and getting folks to tune into their shows.