CNN Earns Even More Negative Press

Over the past several weeks, CNN has been getting loads of bad press. Several of their employees are under police and federal investigation for various heinous crimes. Others face allegations of being investigated or working their way through the legal system.

This pattern of these sorts of issues has also led many people to question precisely what’s going on with CNN and why the network is having all these issues with their employees. Some folks even believe CNN should be shut down until someone can get to the bottom of these issues.

Nevertheless, CNN hasn’t been doing any favors since these reports came out. As RedState reports, the network is getting even more negative press over its New Year’s Eve conduct.

During New Year’s Eve, anchor Andy Cohen wound up delivering a rant while intoxicated against former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Many people got second-hand embarrassment while watching this rant. It was also primarily panned on social media.

Other anchors, such as Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, made slurred, questionable remarks that further disgraced the network.

Before various CNN anchors started reaching live tweets trolling the network. However, the anchors remained unaware of this during the New Year’s Time segment.

Overall, the New Year’s Eve segment turned out to be as sloppy as CNN has been for several years. Ultimately, the network has abandoned any pretense of being an objective news station.

They’ve also lost a significant amount of ratings since President Trump left office nearly a year ago. It hasn’t made matters any easier or better for CNN. Thus far, there’s no indication that the network plans to make any changes this year.

As CNN gets increasingly more sloppy and scandal-ridden, there are a series of better networks that Americans can tune into as a means of learning about what’s happening in the world.

Fox News, NewsmaxTV, and the One American News Network are fantastic examples of news stations that people can watch if they’re interested in learning about what’s going on in current times.

In the meantime, as we enter into a new year, Americans shouldn’t be shocked if CNN’s ratings continue to crash further and burn.