CNN Calls Out Biden On Lackluster State Of The Union Response

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tuesday, Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address did not go well.

For starters, he spread several lies about the American Rescue Plan, firearms manufacturers, taxes, police funding and more. Biden was also so out of it that he referred to the people of Ukraine as “Iranians.”

Meanwhile, Biden didn’t thoroughly address fundamental issues of concern to Americans, such as rising inflation, illegal immigrants, months-long supply chain delays, etc. The president treated the State of the Union as an opportunity to grandstand and try to score political points for Democrats ahead of the midterms.

It backfired to an extensive degree. Biden’s 2022 State of the Union Address turned out so poorly that even left-wing CNN is calling it out, as RedState points out.

David Chalian, CNN’s polling director, was forced to concede that Biden’s State of the Union brought the lowest “very positive” viewer feedback in 15 years. This year, only 41% of people who watched the president’s State of the Union determined that it was “very positive.”

Likewise, Chalian explained that Biden is severely missing the mark on two vital areas that count right now: inflation and crime. According to the CNN polling director, the president is losing nationwide support, even from many party members.

Finally, Chalian concluded his point by noting that Biden’s State of the Union Address didn’t indicate that he’d been able to win approval over his handling of inflation and crime. The president worked hard to avoid talking about these issues on Tuesday.

As a well-established left-wing network, there was a time when CNN was consistently in Biden’s corner and not hesitating to prop him up.

However, the continuation of disasters tied to Biden’s leadership has changed things. Not only are CNN anchors calling out various problems associated with this president, but they’re also releasing polls that cast Biden in a very unpopular light.

Biden is gradually losing the left for a series of reasons. Progressive Democrats don’t think Biden has done enough to tackle student loans, climate change, healthcare, etc.

Meanwhile, moderate Democrats are turned off by Biden’s radical leadership and his refusal to stay faithful to his campaign promises of unifying the nation.

Collectively, Democrats are starting to view Biden as a liability. It is why some Democrats are entertaining the possibility of running a different presidential candidate in 2024.

There was absolutely nothing about Biden’s State of the Union Address that changed where he stands with the American people.