CNN Attempted To Discredit Devon Archer With Democrat’s Words

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) drew the short straw and was stuck having to defend President Joe Biden after incriminating testimony was given to Congress last week. CNN then dutifully picked up his words and tried to pass them off as coming from the star witness.

Devon Archer told the House Oversight Committee of numerous times then-Vice President Joe Biden spoke directly with Hunter Biden’s associates. The witness was Hunter’s longtime business partner.

This flatly contradicted previous statements by the now-president that he had no part in his son’s international business dealings.

CNN, being the administration mouthpiece, regurgitated Goldman’s lie that Archer claimed Hunter was selling the “illusion of access” to his famous father. Only, the witness never made such a claim.

Rather, that assertion came from Goldman’s mouth after he was trotted out before the cameras to provide the Democratic perspective. Somehow that became the mantra of the liberal network’s reporting on the testimony.

Goldman said the elder Biden merely talked to his son’s associates about the “weather.” General “niceties” were observed, but business was never broached.

The effort was obviously to focus the narrative on Hunter Biden peddling false access when in fact that access was already proven. As Archer testified and then backed up in later comments, getting the vice president of the United States on the phone made a powerful impression.

CNN even asserted that “Archer provided no evidence connecting President Joe Biden to any of his son’s foreign business dealings.”

These were the talking points laid out by the Democratic lawmaker, and the network scooped them up and ran with them.

Archer clearly stated that the Biden “brand’ was bandied about on these phone calls. For a prospective international business partner, deals with Hunter apparently came with access to his powerful father who would one day become president.

Who honestly believes that Joe Biden was called to the phone by his son dozens of times while on business calls to discuss the weather? No, something was being sold, and that something was access to one of the most powerful men in the world.

To say otherwise is the height of foolishness.