Civil Rights Attorney Has A Critical Message For Americans

At this time in our nation, there is a war on freedom and civil rights altogether. This war is being waged by leftist politicians who want to control and reshape America at all costs.

Time and time again, Democrats have shown themselves not to care about freedom or civil rights. They have no issues with individuals losing their jobs if they do not consent to take the COVID vaccine for whatever reason.

In New York and California (two states with powerful, leftist control), Democrats have passed mandates prohibiting individuals from getting service at public places if they cannot show a COVID vaccine card.

As LifeSiteNews notes, the United States has now reached a place where we are quite literally in the middle of a warzone.

On Tuesday, civil rights attorney Lauren Martel spoke about the importance of individuals taking a stand against COVID restrictions. Martel also noted people’s need to remain optimistic as the Christmas season plays out.

Martel declared the warzone America is currently within is one about inalienable freedoms, rights, and the foundation of the United States. Shortly after that, the civil rights attorney explained the various lawsuits she’s been a part of to stand up against the aforementioned restrictions.

Martel also stated that as the war over American freedoms plays out, many casualties are also happening in the process. These casualties primarily entail individuals losing their jobs due to not getting the COVID vaccine. New York and California people who can’t enter businesses without vaccine passports are additional casualties.

At this point, the levels of freedom Americans experience widely depending on which part of the country they’re living in. States like Texas and Florida might as well be on different planets than New York and California.

For just about two years now, more and more people have been asking when all of the mayhem and insanity comes to an end. Ultimately, the end will come when enough people decide they’re not willing to be led by tyrants anymore.

It ends with people continuing to stand up, as Republican governors, businesses, religious groups, etc., have done in suing Biden over his federal COVID vaccination mandates. Thankfully, these lawsuits resulted in the courts freezing and blocking the orders. However, things are far from finished.

Anyone in this country who cares about freedom should heed the warning from Lauren Martel.