Chuck Schumer And Democrats Abort Their Full-Term Infant Abortion Bill

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) allows a vote on an ill-conceived full-term abortion bill. In response to the potential threat to Roe v. Wade in the future US Supreme Court decision, Democrats seek to salvage the legal protections for abortion anywhere and anytime.

Recently, the Democrat Caucus voted in favor of a bill that would permit full-term abortions ending full-term pregnancies. Schumer thought now was a good time to enhance abortion with federal law. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, then abortion laws would be kicked back to states and the fight would take place in legislatures around the country. Many states may elect to allow or even expand women’s ability to get an abortion.

Almost all Senate Democrats favored a bill that would sanction and approve doctors who perform abortions. One Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin (WV), voted against the bill in the House with every Democrat except Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX) in September 2021.

With this bill, abortion clinics across the country could terminate children nearing birth at nine months into a pregnancy. But the full Senate did not pass this early termination abortion bill called the Women’s Health Protection Act.

A bill that would institutionalize the Roe v. Wade ruling and nullify abortion limitations would force people in the country over to violate their conscience. The bill expresses a national policy of fetus removal that would allow abortion providers to cut short a pregnancy and eliminate children who could survive out of the womb. It would make abortion anytime in a pregnancy a national law. Abortion providers can decide a pregnancy would represent a problem to the pregnant woman’s life or wellbeing and then terminate it no matter what stage of pregnancy.

No one expected the bill to pass. Under the current rules of the Senate, 60 votes are needed to end debate and vote on a bill. However, Schumer gave into abortion activists and liberal leftists in the Democrat Party and tried to push the bill through. Schumer approved the vote because Republicans in many conservative state legislatures have limited full-term abortions. He thinks that protecting unborn babies is an assault on contraceptive rights. He believes that people who protect infants are enemies of dogmatism and insists that abortion is a fundamental right.

It went down in a vote of 46 to 48.

Cases favorable to advocates of life are before the Supreme Court and many expect that for the first time since 1973. Roe v. Wade will be overturned and states can prohibit abortion at approximately 24 weeks. Mississippi’s boycott on abortion is being reviewed. Other states limited abortion in 2021 and some have taken up the limitation this year. Texas’ heartbeat law, passed last year, reduced abortion by 60%. It was designed to allow residents to sue doctors who perform abortions after one and a half months.

Republicans will use the attempted abortion bill in the 2022 midterms to demonstrate the level of extremism on the left. Most Americans oppose second and third-trimester abortions. It is a reasonable limitation on abortion. 47 of 50 nations in Europe prevent early termination.