Christmas Travelers Faced With Mass Flight Cancellations

Over the Christmas holiday this year, travel levels are high. They have exceeded levels seen in 2020 by nearly three times over. Furthermore, 2021 Christmas travel rates are even giving the levels of travel seen in 2019 a run for their money.

After two years of various limitations and mandates, people are over it in one form or another. Folks want to be with their families, spend time with loved ones, and otherwise enjoy this Christmas.

It involves traveling for a considerable number of people. However, as noted by the National Review, Christmas travelers are confronted with mass flight cancellations this year.

Hundreds of flights in the United States have been canceled for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On top of this, airlines have stated that these cancellations are expected to persist throughout this holiday weekend.

Delta, United, Alaska, and others have notified impacted travelers about their cancellations. The airlines also claim they’ve been working on getting people rebooked on new flights that are still going as scheduled. But not everyone is fortunate enough to catch a new flight instead of the canceled ones.

The situation gets even murkier when assessing the reasons being provided for why flights are being canceled. Some airlines claim that it boils down to the omicron variant of COVID. Pilots and other staffers have been calling out, thus lessening the airlines’ capacities to provide service.

Then, other airlines claim that issues with the weather are causing flights to be canceled. This particular explanation is questionable at best. A fair amount of people have taken to social media, declaring they aren’t buying this claim that inclement weather is the source of flights being shut down.

Amid angry reactions to canceled flights this Christmas, many Americans opined that the airlines could have prevented these cancellations.

The argument in this regard states that if airlines hadn’t been so hasty to fire workers who declined to accept the COVID vaccine, they’d likely have more staffers, thereby avoiding the current shortages and subsequent flight cancellations.

Months ago, several airlines went through similar mass flight cancellations. The airlines repeatedly insisted that the weather caused these cancellations. However, other people stated that pushback against COVID vaccine mandates was the real reason why staffers could not work.

People traveling for the New Year are currently apprehensive about whether or not their flights will go through as planned.