Chris Cuomo Gets Sacked From CNN

Several months ago, Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign from his position as the New York governor. The Democrat’s fall from grace began after a nursing home scandal involving a mixture of COVID-positive patients and elderly nursing home residents.

However, what indeed did Cuomo in were reports of him being physically inappropriate with a series of women. Of course, the then-New York governor denied the allegations.

When the attorney general of New York came out with reports backing the women’s claims, Cuomo even claimed the attorney general had political motivations. This claim came despite the New York attorney general being a Democrat, just like Cuomo.

When Andrew Cuomo faced the aforementioned allegations of inappropriate conduct with women, his little brother, CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo, reportedly gave him advice.

However, after additional updates on this matter broke out on Monday, CNN gave Chris Cuomo an indefinite boot from his job with them, according to PJ Media.

The reports that ultimately led to Cuomo losing his job as a CNN news anchor came from New York’s attorney general office. The documents showed text messages of Cuomo in communications with a then-aide of his big brother.

Text messages saw Cuomo admitting he’d dug up information on the women who levied charges of inappropriate conduct against Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo additionally admitted using sources he had from his job to conduct his freelance investigations and assist his big brother.

In a public statement, CNN explained they had no idea Cuomo was this involved in trying to cover for his older brother essentially. Furthermore, the network stated that Cuomo’s employment with them is indefinitely suspended due to the aforementioned developments.

It is the politically correct way of saying Chris Cuomo is now out of a job.

The reports from the New York attorney general’s office chronicling Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s allegations arrive at an interesting time. This past Monday also happens to be the same day the Ghislaine Maxwell trial began.

Many Americans already believe Maxwell will name some significant people to save her skin and cut a deal. Other Americans noted how multiple CEOs stepped down from their posts when the Maxwell trial began.

In light of the timing, certain people are now questioning whether there’s more than what meets the eye regarding the downfall of first Andrew Cuomo and then Chris Cuomo. It’s anybody’s guess what could follow after this.