China Very Likely To Strike Taiwan At This Point

Unfortunately, the United States and the rest of the world live through a destructive domino effect of various foreign policy crises.

The first domino fell last year in Afghanistan when the Taliban took back control of the country after being subdued for nearly two decades. Biden’s poor choices and inept leadership paved the way for a Taliban comeback, along with 13 American troops losing their lives.

Right now, in real-time, the next domino is falling as Ukraine remains under siege from the Russian government. Putin is growing increasingly more unhinged and aggressive as the people of Ukraine put up a more extraordinary fight than the Russian despot ever imagined.

However, Biden’s recurring foreign policy pattern remains alive and well, despite ongoing geopolitical events. Therefore, the likelihood of China striking Taiwan is very high at this point, as pointed out by PJ Media.

The various onslaughts Biden’s created in the United States has engendered a situation where the Chinese government feels that now is the time for them to make their move.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is compounded by watching Biden’s contemptibly weak response to Russia’s attack against Ukraine. Meanwhile, China has the advantage of being owed more than $1 trillion in debt from America.

To make matters worse, despite Biden’s refusal to stop the flow of Russian oil into the United States, China and the rest of the world gets to watch Biden forgo America’s best interests in favor of Russia.

Many people, including former President Trump, have already predicted that Biden’s foreign policy blunders in Afghanistan and the Russia-Ukraine war will lead to Chinese aggression. Other US enemies to be worried about, such as North Korea and Iran.

In light of ongoing geopolitical events, much of the United States wishes for the days of the Trump presidency.

During a recent interview, the former president revealed that he threatened to hit Moscow and Beijing if the leaders of Russia and China attacked Ukraine or Taiwan. This threat kept the Russian and Chinese dictators at bay, in addition to making them fear and respect Trump.

Unfortunately, Biden has shown Putin and Jinping that he’s not worth respecting or fearing at all whatsoever. At the same time, the sitting president has shown our allies that they’re basically on their own when push comes to shove.