China Chases Zero Covid Strategy Without Regard for its Citizens

China has been notoriously unreliable with its claims of how many Covid cases it has had over the last two years. With a country its size, and a giant population, it was unreasonable to believe the extremely low case numbers reported by the CCP. Given the tight information control of the government it was impossible to get an accurate appraisal of what was happening in the country. One thing that China cannot hide is the steps it is taking in Shanghai to further its zero Covid policy.

The government has locked down the entire city of 26 million people to the point that people are beginning to starve to death. It is practically impossible to get food given there are no deliveries occurring in the city. Indeed, only organized crime syndicates are consistently getting supplies to people. Desperation is starting to roil the population.

As much of the world is finding out, food insecurity is the fastest way to social unrest and insecurity for the ruling elite. Instead of easing restrictions in response, the authorities have doubled down deploying measures that look like they are from a horror film instead of real life. Robot dogs are roaming the streets of Shanghai telling people to stay inside while hazmat suit wearing enforcers are killing Covid positive peoples pets. These measures have not been proven to work anywhere in the world.

Lockdowns have uniformly resulted in the same, or worse, infection rates than areas who allowed people to retain their liberties. The human cost in Shanghai from the measures is staggering. The normally compliant citizens of the city are starting to rebel as riots are starting to break out.

It is getting so bad that people are resorting to screaming out of their windows for no reason. The situation gets more dystopian by the minute.

China has been projecting itself as the next rising power to the rest of the world. Many in the West have accepted the country’s ascendency as the next great power buying into the narrative that a world dominated by China is inevitable. The shiny veneer of the country is starting to crumble under the failure of centralized leadership to deal with the Covid pandemic. The West is more robust, and the east less so, than everyone has been led to believe. As the CCP’s zero Covid policy continues to fail so does the illusion of China’s inevitable power.