Chicago Mayor Lands In Hot Water Over Treatment Of Attorneys

The city of Chicago has had some severe problems underway for quite some time. Despite the heavy gun control in the community, there are countless shootings and other violent crimes taking place in the city.

This unfortunate pattern has been going on for years. However, Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t doing anything to avert the problem. Instead, she’s only claimed (without evidence) that crimes committed with firearms are due to these weapons being trafficked within the community.

However, this isn’t the extent of the Chicago mayor’s problems. A new report from Twitchy indicates Lightfoot faces a lawsuit over her treatment of attorneys.

The Chicago mayor isn’t that fond of Christopher Columbus. It would explain Lightfoot’s decision to interfere with an agreement between an Italian American association and the Chicago Park District that permitted a statue of Christopher Columbus to appear in a parade.

The lawsuit against the Chicago mayor also details the abusive behavior after learning of this deal. Lightfoot warned that if she didn’t get her way, she’d stop the parade from happening altogether.

Then, during a meeting, the left-wing mayor threatened to have city officials fired, attacked the Chicago Park District for a so-called “secret deal” and alleged having larger genitalia than everyone else in the city.

Time will ultimately determine how things go for the Chicago mayor, considering the legal problems. However, this is certainly not a good look for any elected official who is supposed to lead and represent a city.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned unhinged conduct from Mayor Lori Lightfoot is not that shocking. That’s because this behavior fits a pattern of various bad decisions carried out by the mayor of Chicago.

Last year, Lightfoot came to blows with Chicago police officers due to her threats to fire anyone who refused to take the COVID vaccine. Chicago law enforcement pushed back against this mandate, stating the government shouldn’t be able to force them to put something in their bodies.

Meanwhile, other Americans pointed out the inherent foolishness of firing police officers in a city where crime is rampant. If anything, Lightfoot should have been working on getting more law enforcement officers on the beat, not firing officers over their personal medical choices.

Judging from Lightfoot’s poor leadership as mayor, the public really shouldn’t expect any better from her. She has more than shown Chicago and the rest of America what she truly is.