CDC Won’t Be Able To Explain Away Its Failures

The CDC and other health officials have been giving out COVID-related guidance for the past couple of years. They’ve told folks to stay in their homes, maintain six feet of distance from others, shut down businesses, etc.

The CDC and others in the healthcare field also claimed that once the COVID vaccines finally arrived, this would be the path to a return to normalcy. Of course, that didn’t happen.

After COVID vaccines arrived, various officials started rolling out mandates, saying that people had no choice but to either take these vaccines or lose their jobs. Biden tried to implement this measure on a federal level, although the Supreme Court thankfully shut it down.

All in all, the CDC has failed the United States. They won’t be able to fix this by now, saying what 50% of Americans have been saying since the very start of COVID, as pointed out by The Federalist.

In a visit to Washington School University, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared “so many of us” were eager for COVID vaccines to be the end-all-be-all.

The CDC director would later admit that COVID vaccines wear off, wane, and are less effective against different coronavirus strains. In a nutshell, Walensky repeated what many people across the country have said and suspected for quite some time.

During these remarks before Washington School University members, Walensky was very flippant and took shots at “half of the country,” which she says will deem her as incorrect, regardless of what she says or does.

The reality is that “half of the country” was accused and punished for not wanting to take a vaccine which turned out not to be nearly as effective as healthcare officials claimed it would be.

Perhaps if the CDC and other health officials worked on getting their facts straight before issuing public guidance, they’d be more trusted among the US populace.

Because health officials like Walensky and others chose to support these mandates (with no regard for the societal damages incurred), walk back various guidelines, move around the goalposts at will, etc., many people don’t trust them.

The CDC has not only lost credibility amongst the American people. It’s also proven itself not to be an impartial organization. Time and time again, the CDC has been swayed by left-wing political interests.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country is left to pick up the remaining pieces.