CDC Does An ‘About-Face’ On Face Masks

For the past two years, people have been inundated with propaganda screaming that wearing face masks is the thing to do. The argument for face masks reasoned that it stops the spread of COVID, and anyone who didn’t want to wear a mask was selfish and okay with seeing older adults lose their lives.

Of course, as time passed, the narrative in favor of masks became flimsier and flimsier. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Anthony Fauci, and others were all over with masks.

First, they said no one should be wearing masks because it lessened the supply for healthcare workers. Then, the narrative changed, and health officials declared that everyone should be wearing face coverings. Later, it became a call for everyone to wear two face masks simultaneously.

Merely days ago, though, the CDC came out and did a complete about-face on face masks and who should be wearing them, as RedState points out.

The CDC’s latest guidance on masks asserts that anyone living in communities with low or moderate risks of catching coronavirus is no longer recommended to wear face coverings in most indoor settings.

Further explaining this, the CDC claims that it’s okay to loosen specific mask rules despite the greater abundance of tools available to the general public.

Many people have weighed in with their views about the CDC doing such an about-face regarding who should wear masks and when they should wear them.

Some Americans stated it’s not a coincidence that this shift comes days before Biden gives his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, March 1. Others opined that the CDC changed its guidelines because Democrats are on track to losing the midterms as masking and other COVID guidelines get less popular.

Across various social media platforms, the CDC was widely mocked for giving what they deemed as their “permission” for Americans to go maskless.

Americans across the nation made it plain that many of them had stopped wearing face masks long before the CDC decided to come out and give it their stamp of approval.
Unfortunately for the CDC, they’ve created a situation where trust in public health officials is at an all-time low.

Because public health officials moved around goalposts on COVID restrictions, broke their medical mandates, and otherwise engaged in double standards, people eventually started tuning them out.

At this point, in 2022, many people across the country are ready for the CDC to go away altogether.