Cato Institute Findings Leave Americans With Critical Choices To Make

The past two years have not been like anything the country has ever seen before. Democrats have used COVID to usher in unspeakable levels of control and government coercion. They’re saying anything goes in the name of so-called safety, and no one has the right to ask questions.

Then you have the other side of patriots, conservatives, and Republicans. Americans who love this country understand that freedom is what the United States was founded upon. Furthermore, space does not cease to matter just because a new virus appears.

In light of all this, a new study by Cato Institute is out. This study shows differences between red states and blue states, thereby leaving the American people with some monumental choices to figure out, per TheBlaze.

In a study called Freedom in the 50 States, Cato Institute reviews and shares the differences in freedom levels across the United States. Issues such as fiscal regulations, personal freedoms, guns, state taxes, and more are included.

However, the overarching reality and findings of the study reveal the meat and potatoes. Cato Institute found that eight of the ten states with the most freedom are run by Republican governors. The study likewise determined that of the ten states with the least freedom, Democrat governors control eight of them.

New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada were cited as the topmost accessible states. Meanwhile, New York, Hawaii, and California turned out to be the least free states in America. Nevada, seeing as it’s a blue state, piques interest in being listed as the third freest state.

However, there’s no shock about Florida making almost the very top of the list as the freest state. Likewise, it’s pretty much a given that New York and California are some of the least free states in the country.

Americans have to determine how they want to live.

It means figuring out whether or not living in a state like California (where you need a vaccine passport to go to restaurants, gyms, etc.) is preferable to living somewhere like Florida (where you don’t have to show your papers to get around).

Judging from the massive numbers of Americans fleeing states like California for states like Florida, it’s pretty apparent that more people than not are choosing freedom. The differences between free states and states lacking freedom will become more prominent as time passes.