Carlson Slams Christie’s Criticism Of Opposition To Ukraine War

The aftereffects of “The Summit,” Tucker Carlson’s sitdown with several Republican leaders, are still reverberating across the political landscape. Now a war of words has erupted between the host and GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie.

The former Fox News anchor is well established as opposing deeper U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war.

For this, Christie chastised Carlson Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” Host George Stephanopoulos asked the former New Jersey governor if he were pressed on Ukraine by Carlson, how would he have responded.

Christie replied, “I would have said, ‘You’ve always been wrong about this, Tucker, and you’re still wrong.” He further explained his belief that for the U.S., the Ukraine war is in fact a proxy war with China.

This irrational position was backed up by stating that Beijing is purchasing Russian oil and therefore funding its aggression against Kyiv. He also accused Chinese communists of coordinating with Iran to supply weapons to Moscow.

Christie claimed on Sunday that he would have pushed back at Carlson if asked about Ukraine at the weekend event in Iowa. That is, of course, if he had chosen to attend.

Carlson, as would be expected, did not take this attack lying down. The commentator tweeted Sunday afternoon, “Sounds like this could use a longer conversation. We just asked @GovChristie to sit down and explain his views on Ukraine. He refused.”

Then it got better.

Carlson questioned whether the candidate “is a blustery coward who plays the tough guy with sycophants at ABC but won’t answer real questions.”

Christie, who apparently based his campaign on being the anti-Trump, is polling at an aggregate 2.6% according to RealClearPolitics. With a message that is obviously not connecting with Republican voters, you’d think he would shift gears and focus on a more positive approach.

Instead, he told Stephanopoulos on Sunday that the route to the GOP nomination leads straight through Trump. Therefore, he reasoned, he must continue to make his case against the former president and current frontrunner for 2024.

Christie doubled down on his contention that the 45th president cannot beat Biden and is “not electable.” He also railed against Trump for “personal and policy” failures.

Clearly Christie is traveling the wrong road if he is serious about contending for the White House. Not only does he insist on attacking the most powerful conservative in the nation in Trump, but he went out of his way to pick a fight with Carlson, who is the country’s most influential commentator.

All in all, these are the actions of a closet Democrat.