Carlson And O’Reilly Rip Spotlight From Fox Presidential Debate

Two former Fox News stalwarts, Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly, stole the thunder from their former employer’s Wednesday night Republican presidential debate. The pair sat for an almost one-hour discussion that garnered 8.8 million views in under a day.

Speaking on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, O’Reilly wasted no time slamming the television industry as controlled by “evil.”

The wildly successful author and commentator described the U.S. as being in the midst of the “Age of Disorder.” And O’Reilly laid the blame squarely on the progressive movement that is empowered by President Joe Biden’s incompetence.

He voiced what many are convinced of — that the Democratic president is “diminished mentally.” This made him easily controllable by the deep state in Washington.

O’Reilly called Biden’s open border policy “literally insane.” He cited the astronomical death toll from fentanyl and the destruction of U.S. cities along with communities resisting having thousands of single unvetted men dumped into their neighborhoods.

He said that the entire illegal migrant situation runs counter to immigration law. That, however, is being swept under the rug because Biden is controlled by progressives who follow George Soros’ “no borders anywhere” mantra.

Both former network commentators remarked on the death of network news as a powerful influence on the nation.

O’Reilly recalled the days of Cronkite, Rather, Brokaw and Jennings as a time when “there was juice.” With the obvious power of online discourse as demonstrated by their Wednesday discussion, he predicted cable news will suffer a different fate than the already irrelevant network news.

He expressed his belief that cable will largely “stay where it is” and that his former employer, Fox News, will come out on top.

O’Reilly attributed this prediction to the simple fact that Fox “has better talent.” He said that traditional Americans have nowhere else to turn except for Newsmax, but Fox has the advantage.

He also had glowing remarks for Carlson’ replacement, Jesse Watters, who he called “talented.”

The long-time host has had a career that covered over five decades. In a conciliatory note, O’Reilly told Carlson that he has no hard feelings toward Fox News over his unceremonious firing. “I accepted it.”