Calls To Protect America’s Electrical Grids Increase After Attacks

There has been a string of recent attacks on electrical grids in the U.S., and calls are growing to better protect America’s fragile electrical infrastructure.

The latest attack in Dec. 2022 led to widespread blackouts in North Carolina. Several days later, there was a shooting at a similar power facility in South Carolina. The two don’t appear linked.

Observers are left wondering: what’s causing the attacks on our nation’s power grids?

The question is a valid one and one that needs to be answered sooner rather than later. Local, state, and federal law enforcement is on the case.

The bizarre pattern of these attacks and the different regions affected makes the situation even more dicey.

There is a proposal in the Senate to strengthen punishments for those who damage electrical systems. This is a good start, but more action is likely necessary.

Several states have increased security following these attacks. There is a need for such precautions due to the issue hitting at least four states already.

We know that these attacks are caused by firearms, but not yet who is pulling the trigger. There is speculation over whether or not these are unique incidents caused by individuals or part of a larger, coordinated action.

The FBI believes that this could be the work of domestic terrorism. One FBI warning stated that these attacks could be carried out by white supremacists. That is not clear yet.

What is clear is the responsibility of law enforcement and the states to prevent such future attacks from happening again. Hopefully, the actions in Congress will be a good start.