California’s ‘Demise’ Taking Place In ‘Slow Motion’

Generations of endless leftist leadership take a toll on any community. It is becoming more apparent for all to see as the Democrat Party embraces a series of radical, hard-left policies alienating even left-wing moderates.

At this time, the radical wing of the Democrat Party has taken over. Democrats, with few exceptions, are on board with COVID vaccine passports, heavy business regulations, high taxes, open borders, non-citizens voting in US elections, bans against gun ownership, and more.

As the left implements all these policies in the communities they control, they wonder why issues like crime, mass residential departures, etc., are becoming more present. As American Thinker reports, California is dealing with this in real-time.

California has a series of problems engendering its downfall. However, the heavy and ineffective COVID vaccine mandates are one of the final nails in the coffin.

Despite embracing measures that essentially ban unvaccinated individuals from most public spaces, COVID cases are still exploding, as are people passing away from the virus. The theory behind mandates asserts that such measures protect everyone. Yet, time and time again, this proves to be false.

COVID tyranny is far from the only predicament facing the Golden State. Thanks to decades of leftist leadership, California is now forced to contend with rising homelessness, drugs and needles in the streets, mass departures of businesses, etc.

Meanwhile, the California leaders haven’t learned their lesson at all. They are doubling down on the same disastrous policies that drive folks out and drive the state into the ground.

Recently, Democrat Sen. Richard Pan of Sacramento proposed legislation that would mandate the COVID vaccine for schoolchildren between kindergarten and 12th grade. Never mind that this vaccine doesn’t block virus infection or transmission of any kind.

At some point, individuals have to live with the repercussions of their choices. California residents continue to vote for Democrats, which they get. The folks who aren’t happy with the direction of the Golden State have either already left or are making plans to do so if they can.

As the demise of California plays out in slow motion, this should be a lesson to everyone else. It should show the rest of the nation what happens when Democrats can have absolute power with no one to step in and stop them.

What’s most horrifying of all, though, is the rot of California is the Democratic Party’s desired vision for the entire United States of America.