California Tops Nation In Active Shooter Incidents Despite Strict Gun Laws

New FBI data reveals that California, despite having some of the nation’s strictest gun control laws, led the country in active shooter incidents in 2023. The state accounted for eight out of 48 incidents nationwide, according to Fox News.

ABC News highlighted the diverse locations of these shootings, which occurred in open spaces, businesses, and educational centers. This continues a troubling trend for California, which also led the nation in active shooter incidents in 2021 with six such incidents, as previously reported by Breitbart News.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has frequently touted the success of his state’s stringent gun control measures while criticizing states with more lenient gun laws. On May 13, 2023, Newsom tweeted, “It HAS to be the humidity. Why else would California’s gun violence rate be 57% lower than Florida’s?”

However, the latest FBI figures paint a different picture. While California experienced eight active shooter incidents in 2023, Florida reported only two, despite its looser gun regulations.

Critics argue that these statistics challenge the effectiveness of California’s gun control measures. They point to the fact that even with rigorous laws, the state continues to face a high number of active shooter situations.

Fox News pointed out the irony of California’s situation, given Governor Newsom’s vocal advocacy for strict gun control as a solution to gun violence. This raises questions about the overall impact of these laws on preventing such incidents.

As the debate over gun control continues, these new figures are likely to fuel further discussion on the best approaches to reducing gun violence and active shooter incidents across the nation.