California Now At War With The Shipping Industry

With Joe Biden in the White House and Democrats controlling the federal government, now is an adamant time for multiple industries across the United States.

The president is doing all he can to implement medical mandates upon workers, with the threats of them being fired if they refuse. Thankfully, the courts are intervening and ruling that Biden doesn’t have the authority to make these medical decisions for the country’s workers at large.

Meanwhile, Biden’s going after the energy industry by attacking oil drilling and pipelines. He’s also looking to increase the rates associated with oil drilling. It impacts the energy industry and Americans who rely upon energy.

However, in California, Democrats have their sights set on taking down yet another critical industry in the country, as American Thinker has documented.

Starting in 2027, California plans to order all state port ships to discontinue using their onboard generators. Instead, California port ships will be expected to run on onshore power alone.

An order like this will not come without consequences. Only running onshore power will cost each dock tens of millions of bucks. Furthermore, eliminating onboard generators will cost ships owned by foreign groups a pretty penny.

Owners of ships looking to move goods in or out of America will be forced to consider going to ports outside of California. Currently, some additional alternatives include Florida, Texas, etc.

That’s not the only thing California has waiting for the shipping industry. California also plans to run up utility rates for shipping companies and make their jobs harder. California’s ultimate endgame here is to create a state where folks barely leave their homes and only vote to re-elect Democrats in power during election seasons.

The aforementioned measures California plans to take against the shipping industry speak to the greater agenda leftists want to force upon the entire United States. Democrats want to completely remake America into their image, not into a nation where freedom and liberty stand firm.

Even if other states make things less difficult for the shipping industry, California will likely pull off its plan once 2027 arrives. No matter how poorly California Democrats perform in the state, residents continue to elect them into office.

There’s no wonder conservatives and other non-leftists are fleeing California and moving to red states like Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. At this point, the wisest choice one can make regarding California is to leave while they still have the chance.