California Morphs Further Into A Real-Life Dystopia

Across the United States, there’s a growing consensus that blue states are not good places to be. It is evident by the massive numbers of Americans running away from states like California and Illinois to make lives for themselves in states like Texas and Florida.

This consensus is so widespread that U-haul truckers have a low supply, thanks to high demand in California.

As of late, the Golden State is facing a series of additional predicaments, such as organized smash and grab robberies, a crisis with mass homelessness, tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates, and more.

Some people might imagine that California would come to recognize the errors of its ways by this point. However, this is the opposite of what’s going on. Rather than making some changes, California is doubling down on more abysmal, failed policies, as documented by PJ Media.

California has an infamous reputation for exorbitantly high taxes. It is one of many reasons why so many folks are moving out of the state in droves.

However, the state still has yet to learn its lesson. In real-time, the California state legislature is considering changing the state constitution that would engender higher taxes in gross receipts, individual income, and payroll.

Taxes of this nature would be highly disastrous for businesses that are not profitable and small. California already has a reputation for not being a very business-friendly state; apparently, they’ve decided it’s a good idea to double down on this.

Last year, several businesses left the state of California for the much more business-friendly Texas. Tesla is one colossal example. This year, it’s also come out that Meta will be leaving California to relocate to Austin, Texas.

It appears California wants to compensate mass state departures via higher taxes financially. However, what the state legislature fails to understand is ridiculously high taxes are a huge reason why so many businesses and residents are exiting California.

Given that Democrats heavily control the California state legislature, it’s pretty much a given that these new measures will pass into law at one point or another.

Californians can also count on their Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom to entirely throw his support behind higher taxes. At this point, there’s no telling how further California will fall throughout 2022.