California Is Now Openly Turning Criminals Loose

Multiple cities across the state of California are confronting severe crime problems. In San Francisco, looting has essentially become par for the course. Countless videos and news reports have detailed individuals breaking into stores, grabbing goods, and then running off.

Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles, matters aren’t much better. It’s gotten so bad that the city’s police department is telling residents there not to resist robbers or wear jewelry that could make them the target of thieves.

In light of the crime problem happening in California, one might imagine that the state is working to handle things. However, this is the opposite of what’s happening. Instead, California is openly turning criminals loose on their communities, as PJ Media reports.

The Democrats running California don’t care if multiple cities are ravaged by lawlessness. This week, Michael Moore, the police chief of Los Angeles, shared some disturbing news with the public.

Moore stated that criminals apprehended during Thanksgiving weekend are now back on the streets. It is mainly due to these lawless individuals being bailed out or not paying bail.

The California Supreme Court has decided when judges set bail for individuals apprehended by law enforcement. These judges have to consider whether or not arrested persons can pay the bail.

Therefore, individuals who can show they lack income essentially get put back onto the streets to commit more crimes. At this point, it’s miserable that California hasn’t figured out that policies like these are why crime is ravaging so many of their communities.

When lawbreakers and violent criminals are not held accountable for their actions, it does nothing more than encourage them. California needs to get wise to this before more innocent people get caught in the crossfire.

The state is between the California Supreme Court, the Democrat mayors, and the Democrat governor. These leaders will not hold criminals accountable or modify the lax crime laws on the books.

At this point, California residents who still care about their lives, safety, businesses, etc., may do well to consider moving to a different state. With California now openly turning loose more criminals amid a lawlessness spree, the situation is only going to get worse.

The Democrat leaders calling the shots don’t care if innocent folks are hurt because of the laws. They want to pat themselves on the back, feel “woke,” and tell themselves they’re being politically correct.