California Governor Has An ‘Epic Meltdown’

As of late, things haven’t been going too well for California Governor Gavin Newsom. The Democrat Governor imposed a series of hardcore restrictions on his state in the name of combatting coronavirus. However, Newsom also has a pattern of violating these hardcore restrictions.

That’s not to mention a new poll showing that most California residents disapprove of the Governor’s approach to dealing with crime and homelessness in their state.

Things don’t seem to be getting any better for Newsom, though. RedState documents a recent meltdown the California Governor had over a firearm made to resemble an AR-15.

The California Governor took to Twitter, slamming a .22 caliber rifle for having a skull and bones inscribed on it, along with a pacifier. Newsom described the WEE1 Tactical rifle as a “vile” weapon of war.

The Democrat didn’t waste time declaring that Republicans backed by the National Rifle Association should “condemn” the .22 caliber rifle supposedly meant to attract children.

However, if Newsom had done a little bit more digging into the weapon from WEE1 Tactical, he might have learned something. The California Governor didn’t mention the reality that WEE1 Tactical centers on helping promote safety and education when it comes to guns.

Furthermore, the .22 caliber rifle with the skull, bones, and pacifier is designed to aid parents in teaching their kids about firearms with the proper safety mechanisms in place.

It should come as a shock to no one that the Governor of one of the most anti-gun states in America got it wrong on firearms.

Newsom’s declaration of a .22 caliber rifle as a “weapon of war” goes to show just how politicized that talking point has become. Democrats have a pattern of declaring just about any firearm to be a “weapon of war.” It is done as part of their agenda to eradicate gun ownership.

When Biden visited New York City, he falsely called pistols “weapons of war” to carry 40-round magazines. Of course, the outrageous nature of such a false claim left many Americans shaking their heads.

It also shows that all Democrats talk about gun control. They don’t know about firearms or gun safety. Newsom, Biden, and other Democrats’ obsession with destroying the Second Amendment are rooted in the misguided assumption that everyone else is as ignorant on firearms as they are.